Weaknesses & Resistances

All Pokemon have certain weakness and resistances against other given types of moves. Knowing a Pokemon's Weaknesses and Resistances is important in any Pokemon Game, especially so in Pokemon GO. If you know what you're up against, as well as your own Pokemon's areas of difficulty, you'll be one step ahead when entering battles at Gyms. And the more Gyms you win, the more experience you will earn. (If a Pokemon is a given Dual Type where both types are weak to another given type, it will do x1.96 Damage instead of x1.4 Damage. Ex: A Bug/Fighting Type like Heracross is x1.96 weak to Flying Types.)

List of weaknesses (x1.4 Damage):
normal types - Fighting
water types - Grass and Electric
ice types - Fire, Rock, Steel and Fighting
fire types - Water, Ground and Rock
grass types - Fire, Flying and Ice
bug types - Fire, Rock and Flying
poison types - Psychic and Ground
psychic types - Bug, Dark and Ghost
dark types - Fighting, Bug, and Fairy
fighting types - Flying, Psychic, and Fairy
ghost types - Ghost and Dark
dragon types - Dragon, Ice and Fairy
electric types - Ground
fairy types - Poison and Steel
Flying Types - Ice, Rock and Electric
ground types - Water, Grass and Ice
rock types - Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground and Steel
Steel Types - Fire, Fighting and Ground

List of resistances (x0.7 Damage):
normal types - None
water types - Fire, Water, Ice and Steel
ice types - Ice
fire types - Fire, Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel and Fairy
grass types - Water, Electric, Grass and Ground
bug types - Grass, Fighting and Ground
poison types - Grass, Fighting, Poison and Fairy
psychic types - Fighting and Psychic
dark types - Psychic, Ghost and Dark
fighting types - Bug, Dark, and Rock
ghost types - Normal, Fighting, Poison and Bug
dragon types - Fire, Water, Electric and Grass
electric types - Electric, Flying and Steel
fairy types - Fighting, Bug, Dragon and Dark
Flying Types - Grass, Fighting, Ground and Bug
ground types - Electric, Poison and Rock
rock types - Normal, Fire, Poison and Flying
Steel Types - Normal, Grass, Ice, Poison, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Dragon, Steel and Fairy

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