Tracking Is Necessary

If you haven't a clue about Pokemon GO but are looking to join in the fun, the very first step after downloading the App is allowing for it to track your physical location. This is necessary in order to play Pokemon GO, like many other certain apps and games, as the software must know this in order to track where you are, where you're going, and what Pokemon are near you.

If you take notice once playing, you'll see this in action for yourself. You'll see just how the game incorporates real world maps to where your character is and where they're heading in search of Pokemon, including nearby houses, lakes and rivers that are close by, and even parks and other landmarks when passed.

This technology is the very reason why Pokemon GO is known as an augmented-reality game; giving players the best of both the Real World and the Pokemon Universe. And tracking is a must in order for these two realities to be blend as one incredible gaming experience.

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