How To Find Plusle & Minun In Pokemon GO

10th Jan 2018 | Warrior13

Just like the counterparts of seviper and zangoose, the hoenn region duo of Plusle and Minun are also Region Exclusives within Pokemon GO. The strange thing about these two Electric Types is that each of them are also found in the exact locations of Seviper and Zangoose. Before Niantic decided to swap the locations with Seviper and Zangoose, Seviper could only be found in parts of Europe, Asia and Oceania, the same where Minun can only be found. Zangoose, before the swap that is, could only be found in parts of the Americas and Africa, and so the same for Plusle.

Unlike seviper and zangoose, however, Plusle and Minun have yet to swap the given regions they can be found in. As of the present, Plusle remains locked to the Americas and Africa and Minun remains exclusive to Europe, Asia and Oceania. Many experts believe that they too will eventually swap locations like the rivaled snake and mongoose, giving players across the globe a better chance at ultimately completing their Pokedex. However, as of now, there has been no word if such a thing is to come.

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