How To Find Lunatone In Pokemon GO

10th Mar 2018 | Warrior13

As like a number of Pokemon from both the 1st Generation and 2nd Generation in Pokemon GO are Region Exclusives, so the same with plenty of 3rd Generation Pokemon as well. If you aren't already aware, Region Exclusive Pokemon can only be found in a given region or country in the geographical real world. Within the 3rd Generation of Pokemon GO, there are a whopping nine different Pokemon that are Region Exclusive. And yes, Lunatone is one of them.

Like a few of the other Region Exclusive Pokemon that hail from the 3rd Generation, Lunatone can only be found in Europe, Asia, and Oceania (Australia & Surrounding Islands). Since Trading has yet to be incorporated in Pokemon GO, the only realistic way of obtaining Lunatone is by visiting one of these given areas. (Sometimes Niantic may run a given Promotional Event that will see certain Region Exclusive Pokemon being found in other areas across the globe, but said events are unpredictable.)

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