Best 3rd Generation Attackers

If you're looking for a gym attacker, then you're in luck because the 3rd generation have quite a few of them. Not counting legendary and Mythical Pokemon - as they are usually always stronger than most other Pokemon within the game - there are still seven different Pokemon that have a Base Attack Stat of 240 or greater from the hoenn region within Pokemon GO! This is an incredible amount of Gym Attackers, giving players a number of great options when going up against opposing Pokemon Gyms!

Best 3rd generation gym Attackers
#1) slaking (319 Base Attack)
#2) salamence (277 Base Attack)
#3) metagross (257 Base Attack)
#4) blaziken (240 Base Attack)
#5) absol (246 Base Attack)
#6) sharpedo (243 Base Attack)
#7) breloom (241 Base Attack)

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