Best 2nd Generation Defenders

If a tank of a gym defender is what you're looking for, then the 2nd Generation and all the Pokemon it holds is where you should definitely start your search! Excluding Legendary and Mythical Pokemon - as they are usually always stronger than most other Pokemon within the game - there are still seven different Pokemon that are from the Johto Region that are bulky enough to hold down Pokemon Gyms due to their combination of Defense and Stamina. This is a great amount of Gym Defenders for one given Generation, giving players a number of great options when looking to claim Pokemon Gyms!

Best 2nd Generation Gym Defenders
#1) blissey (510 Base Stamina)
#2) tyranitar (212 Base Defense)
#3) steelix (333 Base Defense)
#4) umbreon (250 Base Defense)
#5) forretress (242 Base Defense)
#6) Wobbuffett (380 Base Stamina)
#7) mantine (260 Base Defense)

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