Best 1st Generation Defenders

If a bulky gym defender is what you're looking for, then the 1st Generation and all the Pokemon it holds is perfect for you! Excluding legendary and Mythical Pokemon - as they are usually always stronger than most other Pokemon within the game - there are still seven different Pokemon that hail from the Kanto Region that can hold down Pokemon Gyms due to their combination of Defense and Stamina. This is a fascinating amount of Gym Defenders for one given Generation, giving players a number of great options when looking to claim Pokemon Gyms!

Best 1st Generation gym Defenders
#1) snorlax (320 Base Stamina)
#2) dragonite (201 Base Defense)
#3) vaporeon (260 Base Stamina)
#4) rhydon (210 Base Stamina)
#5) cloyster (323 Base Defense)
#6) lapras (260 Base Stamina)
#7) wigglytuff (280 Base Stamina)

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