1st Generation Pokemon Evolutions

As like all Pokemon Games, most Pokemon have the ability to evolve into 2nd Stage or 3rd Stage evolutions. These Pokemon are usually stronger than their Pre-Evolutions, and this is same in Pokemon GO as they usually have a higher Maximum Combat Power Levels. Unlike other mainstream Pokemon Games, Pokemon in GO evolve by using a certain amount of Candy (obtained through Captures, Eggs, Rare Candy, and as Buddy Pokemon) to do so. With the 2nd Generation Update, some of the Candy Requirements changed, as well as the addition to Special Evolutionary Items needed for some Pokemon to evolve (as included below).

1st generation pokemon evolution Methods
12 Candies Required For evolution:
caterpie, weedle, pidgey

25 Candies Required For evolution:
bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle, rattata, Nidoran♀, Nidoran♂, oddish, poliwag, abra, machop, bellsprout, geodude, gastly, eevee, dratini

50 Candies Required For evolution:
kakuna, metapod, Pidgeotto, Spearow, Ekans, Pikachu, Sandshrew, Clefairy, Vulpix, Jigglypuff, Zubat, Paras, Venonat, Diglett, Meowth, Psyduck, Mankey, Growlithe, Tentacool, Ponyta, Slowpoke (King's Rock - Slowking), Doduo, Seel, Grimer, Shellder, Onix (Metal Coat) Drowzee, Krabby, Voltorb, Exeggcute, Cubone, Koffing, Rhyhorn, Chansey, Horsea, Goldeen, Staryu, Scyther (Metal Coat), Omanyte, Kabuto

100 Candies Required For evolution:
Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Wartortle, Nidorina, Nidorino, Golbat, Gloom (Sun Stone - Bellossom), Poliwhirl (King's Rock - Politoed), Kadabra, Machoke, Weepinbell, Graveler, Haunter, Seadra (Dragon Scale), Dragonair

400 Candies Required For evolution:

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