When To Help Defend A Gym

Another decision a player must make in regards to Pokemon Gyms is when to help defend one of their Team's Gyms. Like choosing the perfect moment to challenge a Gym, learning when it's right to defend a Gym is just as key.

When deciding on when to help defend a Gym, a trainer should first decide if they are ready to leave a high-powered Pokemon behind to help the Gym and lose out on furthering leveling it up, or if they should leave a lower-level Pokemon just to claim the free 10 PokeCoins Defense Bonus. If they choose the former, a player won't be able to further increase the stats of that high-leveled Pokemon until the Gym has been defeated. And this could end up taking quiet some time if the timing is right. It might not be worth it to you, especially if it's the only gym around and you can only claim 10 PokeCoins.

If they choose the latter, a player should be ready to heal the low-leveled Pokemon that will easily be defeated. They also must choose when the timing is just right when to claim that bonus, because after they do, they must wait another twenty hours before being able to claim it again. If there is only one Gym near you, then go ahead and claim it right away. But if there are a number around you, then you should probably hold off and dump some Pokemon at all the Gyms. This will allow you to claim the maximum number of PokeCoins for your Defender Bonus, and without much to lose if you choose to leave just any Pokemon.

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