What Will Come Next? More Generations!

Well, this is it, here we stand at the end of the road for our Pokemon GO Walkthrough / Guide, now including all the new additions before and after the 3rd generation Update. We think we have covered just about ever single aspect of the worldwide phenomenon (that and more). We honestly feel this is THE BEST Pokemon GO Guide anywhere on the web, and we hope this guide has been of assistance to you. If you think we missed something, anything at all, please make sure to post in the comment section below this page or any of the given pages apart of this guide. Or if you just want to express something on your mind about Pokemon GO, you can do that too in the comments area below!

But now that we have come to the end of this beautiful rainbow, there is still one yet thing left to discuss: Where will niantic and the Pokemon Company go from here? Niantic has already hinted at some big updates still left to come, including Player versus Player Battling, Trading, daily quests, and, of course, the eventual release of the Mythical Pokemon. There are so many things still left to come, but all of these changes will ultimately lead to some of the biggest updates since the release of the hit mobile game: the longly awaited and highly anticipated release of even more generations! Up next is the Pokemon of the Sinnoh Region, followed by the Unova Region and then the Kalos Region and Alola Region!

Like we said, there is so very much still to come to what looks like will be the largest and most popular mobile game of all time. (Sorry, Angry Birds and Candy Crush...) But as of now, everything Pokemon GO has been said and done and explained in this very guide! Thanks again!

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