Trick For Glitches & Freezing

There is no secret that Pokemon GO still has a number of glitches and malfunctions - even after a number of improvements have been made since the game's first release - plaguing the server during gameplay. This, however, is to be expect for the most downloaded game in recent history, one that also using tracking, map concepts and augmented-reality on top of the massive overload of people continuously playing.

But there is one certain thing a player can do when their games begins to glitch - and believe us it will - usually occurring when walking and losing a GPS Signal or freezing at random points. This one little trick usually gets the job done, and get players back on playing as quick as possible. It doesn't take much, just simply exiting your game and officially closing the application. Log back on immediately after doing this, and the game usually picks right back up where it started.

Sometimes it will again freeze on the loading screen of the game - which can be even more frustrating if a rare Pokemon is near - but don't worry, a few times of logging out and closing the app should help. And really, it's the only real option a player has to resolve the issue as quickly as possible (phone shutdown takes much longer).

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