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9th Aug 2016 | Warrior13

Pokemon GO has been on the market for a while now in most places - it's still being released in a number of new countries as the days continue to fall by - and things, primary activity, have begun to diminish, have started to hit a snag. The summer season has already begun its transition into the autumn season for most areas, meaning plenty of players are already starting to head back to school for the fall semester.

But even though activity in its gameplay have started slowing down, every other aspect continues to rise, primarily the levels of most players and the strength in the Pokemon they have and end up leaving at gyms. Some of these Pokemon and the sheer strength their levels hold can be daunting at times, and many players, both new and old to the game, are searching for a way to have the strongest Pokemon, to figure out which Pokemon are worth their time and precious Stardust. And in this very article, we will go over the Top 20 Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Not just 10, but 20 Pokemon we will examine! Including the yet-to-be-released Legendary Pokemon!

Many factors go into these rankings, including a Pokemon's Typing, its Popularity in the GO, its Speed, its moves, and even its Base Stats. Yet the greatest and most influential piece of information that will go into these ratings are a Pokemon's Maximum Combat Points Level. Be that as it may, however, just because a Pokemon has a higher Max CP than other Pokemon, that doesn't mean it should be ranked higher than such. Like we said, there are a number of components that go into this, ones that will have no bias or partiality shown.

With that being said, we usually like to list the Pokemon that just missed the cut in our eyes, as well as a little bit of information why. This time, there were six selections that just missed our rankings:

wigglytuff - It has a lot of bulk like clefable in GO, but it is still very slow. plus, it doesn't have the best Attack Stat.

vileplume - A great Pokemon in its own right, one with power and defense. It also resists vaporeon, which is a nice plus. But venusaur just does it better.

blastoise - Like the other two final evolution of starter Pokemon, it has a lot going for it, especially its bulky defense. Unfortunately, like things in the mainstream games, it's the weakest of the starter pokemon. That, and vaporeon and lapras are superior.

poliwrath - It's very similar to blastoise, from its stats to being inferior to vaporeon and lapras.

nidoking - Doing some Earthquake with this guy really bring back some good memories and nostalgia, but, unfortunately, it can make it through vaporeon, one of the most used Pokemon in GO.

nidoqueen - Everything for nidoking goes for Nidoqueen too, since they both are two peas from the same pod.

Now with that out of the way, let's get to the real stars of Pokemon GO! Here are the best 20 Pokemon - in order of greatness - for the mega-hit app!

#20 - Venusaur

Just finding its way into our Top 20 is venusaur, the very first starter final evolution ever. And just like present day Pokemon in the mainstream games, Venusaur finds itself as the second best Kanto Starter behind the infamous charizard. The main reason for Venusaur's success in GO is mainly in part due to the obscene usage of none other than vaporeon, who Venusaur loves to defeat with its resistance to Water Type Moves. Add in incredible bulk with its Defense and Base HP Stat, as well as its decent Attacking power that brings its Max CP Level close to 2600, and you've got a great counter to this foe.

#19 - Machamp

A lot of Pokemon GO players actually consider machamp one of worst Pokemon in the game, when actually it's one of the best a player can have. Like poliwrath, they are some of the best fighting types a player can find. Machamp itself can reach a maximum of almost 2600 Combat Points, having all of its Base Stats at 180 or better. And with moves like Karate Chop, Cross Chop and Stone Edge, Machamp can be used in a variety of ways. And with force!

#18 - Victreebel

victreebel is one of the fastest rising Pokemon in all of Pokemon GO, soaring exponentially due to the frequent usage of Vaporeon. It's a lot like Exeggutor, not first being seen as a powerhouse yet turning into one in the blink of an eye. It doesn't have the bulk or defenses as Exeggutor, but it's just as strong in its attacking capabilities, being able to reach a Max CP of over 2500. And with the power it has, it should always be considered.

#17 - Slowbro

The thing about slowbro is it's just like clefable, but better. It rates higher in every single stat, from its Attack to its Defense to its Base HO, Slowbro surpasses the bulky pink blob. It even has a higher Max CP at close to 2600, usually meaning it's that much better of a Pokemon. So why is Slowbro ranked below Clefable on our list? That answer is simple: Slowbro's Typing. Clefable is a Pure Fairy Type, meaning it can destroy King dragonite. But Slowbro, it's extremely weak to electric types, including the popular choices of raichu and jolteon.

#16 - Clefable

clefable never use to be a good Pokemon back in the day, but something happened in the Fifth Generation that saw it rise through the ranks. And this continues in Pokemon GO. It has almost the same Attack and Defense as snorlax, which is no joke in and of itself, just with a much lower Base HP Stat. Still, Clefable has plenty of bulk and is up for the defender Post at any gym. And with a Max combat power of almost 2400, Clefable is justified and validated as one of the best, especially with its Fairy Typing for Dragons.

#15 - Muk

muk, in more ways than one, is a lot like the final evolution of the three starter Pokemon in GO. It isn't the best - with a Max CP around 2600 - but it can still find enough use to dominate a number of aspects within the game. Specifically, it's very much so like charizard, but in a defensive way compared to an offensive one. Muk has a Base HP of 210 and a Defense of 188, making it a very difficult defeat at any Gym and at just about any superior level, especially since not to many Psychic Types reign in this present day.

#14 - Charizard

Here's another Pokemon in these rankings that a few might not agree with. Some will argue it's one of the best Pokemon in the game - which it is - while others will let their nostalgia for this Pokemon get in the way of how good it really is. But charizard is great, and being rated fourteenth isn't that bad of a spot when you take into consideration that five of the Pokemon ahead of it are legends and currently unreleased. It can have a Max CP of 2600, which isn't the best but yet still far from the worst, and is mainly seen as a Gym Attack since it specializes in this very aspect. It isn't the strongest by no stretch of the imagination, especially with its x4 weakness to Rock and how prevalent Vaporeon is, but it's still a very good option to have if you can evolve or find one.

#13 - Flareon

Now, no, flareon isn't as good as vaporeon, it's superior to jolteon, but not its Water Counterpart. Yet it's still as quick and agile as its brothers, and it still packs a punch. It's not as bulky as Vaporeon, but it still has better defenses than Jolteon. It also has the highest Attack Stat among these three popular Pokemon, sitting at a grand 238 Base. And this shows in its incredible Maximum Combat Points Level of 2643. Don't mess around with eeveelution, unless you're prepared.

#12 - Articuno

Next in our countdown is the first legendary Pokemon, the first that was ever technically obtained in Pokemon GO: articuno. Aside from having a Maximum Combat Level of close to 3000, the best thing Articuno has going for it is it advantage against dragonite. The only moves it can learn are Ice Type Attacks, what Dragonite hates the most. Unfortunately though, Articuno is x4 weak to Rock Type Moves. Which means one or two Stone Edges, and bye-bye birdie.

#11 - Zapdos

Missing our Top 10 by just one slot is zapdos, the next of the legendary Bird Trio, and unlike articuno, it has yet to be released into Pokemon GO. Zapdos is also stronger than Articuno, having a Max Combat Point Level of over 3100. It doesn't have as good of a Defense Stat as Articuno - yet still better than the likes of snorlax - but it has an extremely high Attack Stat at a staggering Base 232. It also isn't x4 weak to Rock Type Attacks, not like both Articuno and moltres. Zapdos also has an advantage to the ever-common vaporeon.

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