The best and worst Pokemon Go news

13th Jul 2016 | PoGo Admin

Its been out for only a few days, and only in a few countries, but Pokemon Go has been hitting headlines across the world with some amazing and scary stories. From friendly fun all the way to dead bodies the game has immediately caused a stir wherever it is playable.

The game proved to be an immediate success, far more so than its main developer has anticipated. Despite relatively little promotion or flag waving the game was an overnight hit and this lead to some of the first big stories. The surprise popularity meant that the server set up to control the game were unable to cope under the excessive load with many players finding themselves unable to log in.

The developer has been adding more resources but in the meantime they decided that they should not continue their world wide roll out and put the brakes on any further regional releases until they were happy they could cope. This lead to many people from Europe and other areas venting their frustration both lightheartedly and otherwise on Twitter and other platforms.

One Australian citizen working in Singapore who was less than happy with the game not being available to him while it had already released in his home country decided to direct his anger at his host country. A move that did not impress Singapore or his employer. He is no longer employed there.

There has been plenty of good news though. The internet has been full of heart warming tales of friendships being made and different communities coming together to hunt for the pokemon in their neighbourhoods. Many public service building have become pokestops or pokemon locations leading to some good PR for various agencies.

Some groups are not so keen though. The Westboro Baptist Church in the US has become the location of a pokemon gym in the game, and local players have planted a pink "clefairy" Pokemon called Love is Love there. The church has of course responded with a series of unsurprising social media posts about the pokemon.

There are also concerns now being raised by other more important institutions. The US Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Arlington National Cemetery in Washington have asked people not to play Pokemon Go on their phones during their visits. As major landmarks, both locations feature in the game. A spokesman for the Holocaust museum said that playing the game inside a memorial to victims of Nazism was "extremely inappropriate".

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