Starter Pokemon

Starter Pokemon

Like every Pokemon Game, your journey will begin with choosing your starter Pokemon. Your choices include only the Kanto starter pokemon for Pokemon GO: bulbasaur, charmander, or squirtle. Again, like every other Pokemon Game, the one you choose doesn't really matter as you can succeed with all three of them. However, instead of the mainstream games of the franchise where you simply receive your Starter Pokemon as a gift, you actually have to catch it in Pokemon GO.

Luckily, your starter Pokemon is one of the easiest captures in the game. You really will only have to use one PokeBall on it, unless, of course, you have a missed throw or two. But after you hit it with a PokeBall, the starter pokemon is virtually always caught. And it is then, after catching it, when professor willow will ask what your trainer's Nickname shall be.

starter Pokemon are usually taller and weigh more than their regular base sizes in other games - sometimes they are even smaller - which you will notice with an XL (or XS) Logo by its height and weight when you view its given Profile. Starter Pokemon will usually take longer to level up and evolve in Pokemon GO, since obtaining enough Bulbasaur Candy, Charmander Candy, or Squirtle Candy to either power up them up or to evolve them is pretty difficult to do. Outside of a Pokemon Nest that features them, you just don't see that many of them in the wild, not like Pidgey and Rattata. So, until you start finding and hatching more of them, it's best to save up a Starter Pokemon's Candies so you can one day evolve them. Putting a Starter Pokemon as your Buddy Pokemon is also commonly used to earn more of its candy, as it's usually easier to do this then finding them in the wild or in eggs.

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