Shiny Pikachu Comes To Pokemon GO

17th Aug 2017 | Warrior13

Even after the epic fail of Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago, the creators of Pokemon GO have still moved forward with another real life event, this time in Japan. This event that took place just recently saw many new things come to Pokemon GO, starting with none other than the second shiny Pokemon being released. And, of course, the Pokemon receiving such an honor is Pikachu, the face of the Pokemon Franchise.

Now, players have the chance of finding a shiny pikachu anytime they encounter a Pikachu in the wild. Players can even evolve a Shiny Pikachu into a Shiny raichu, much like they can with a Shiny magikarp into a Shiny gyarados. The odds of finding a shiny pokemon is still very, very rare, but since it is Pikachu, you can expect all players will be hunting for this very exclusive form!

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