Selecting A Team

After reaching level 5, a player can click on any gym in sight for professor willow to appear and allow them to join either one of three teams. These teams are known as team instinct, Team mystic and Team valor, and each of them stand for different values with varying gameplans and studies.

The first team that is shown is, in fact, Team instinct, lead by none other than Spark. Their team color is a yellow, symbolized by the mascot of the legendary Bird zapdos. Team Instinct believes Pokemon are creatures with great instincts, with the secret of such related to how they hatch. They also ask a player to trust in their instincts as a trainer. (Team Instinct has been the least chosen Team in Pokemon GO.)

The second team that a player is told about is Team mystic, lead by none other Blanche. They are associated with the color blue, symbolized by the legendary Bird of articuno. This team feels Pokemon have impeccable wisdom, and this knowledge is somehow connected in the way they evolve. They also claim with the calm analysis their trainers hold, their team can't lose. (Team Mystic has been the most popular choice for players in Pokemon GO.)

The final team shown is Team valor, lead by the great Candela. They are related to the color red, as well as the legendary Bird moltres. Team Valor believes Pokemon are stronger than humans, but are just as warmhearted, researching how to tap into a Pokemon's natural ability in the pursuit of absolute strength. Candela claims this team has the strongest Pokemon in battle.

This is the most important decision a trainer must make in Pokemon GO, as it will change how you move forward with defeating and holding gyms in your local area. Your team leader will also analyze your Pokemon's hidden individual values by visiting the Pokemon's Profile.

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