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One of the hottest, most prevalent issue with Pokemon GO is the major usage of both Data and Battery Power. Now, no, Pokemon GO actually doesn't use THAT MUCH data, not compared to other games and apps, especially if done in moderation. But for players that have been playing constantly since the game's release, they know all too well the extreme levels of power drainage on their phones and data usage on their bills.

And since it has become such a great issue, many players have been searching for ways to save on both, and exponentially no less. Some of these players have gone to great lengths to do this, some to the point of being banned by the Pokemon Company and Niantic from Pokemon GO. Some of these methods are useful, while the jury is still out on a number of others.

Here are a number of ways to cut back on both Data and Battery Usage:

1) Download Offline Maps From Google. This was one of the earliest known theories for savings in Pokemon GO, some saying it will save you up 35% of Data Charges, and thus save your battery charge too. Many Google Experts have denied this, saying it doesn't work, but many players figure they don't have much to lose by doing this, outside of a few bytes of memory on their phones for the maps.

And it's relatively simple to do this... All you must do in download Google Maps onto your phone, go into the settings after such, access the Offline Maps, and hit the plus sign to download the maps for your given area. And that's it!

2) Use Battery Saver Mode. This is a more simple process than downloading Google Maps, but it only saves on Battery instead of Data. If a player still would like to do this, all one must do is go into the settings and click Battery Saver Mode. Some still don't see the effects of this, but if you flip your phone upside down when just walking and not looking for Pokemon, the screen will go dark and the battery saving begins. This feature has been known for freezing games, so you might want to watch out for that.

3) Computer Spoofing. If you're not in the mood to walk in order to find all the Pokemon in Pokemon GO, you can always try downloading Pokemon GO and a GPS Service on your home computer or laptop. But it's a risk, as the Pokemon Company and Niantic has been banning players that are doing this and manipulating the game. If you want to try it, go for it, but don't be surprised if it sees you not being able to play Pokemon GO.

4) Poke Drones. Of all the ways to try to save some Data and Battery Charge, this one is a little out there. Apparently one player has gone to the extreme and has created a device to attach their phone and Pokemon GO to, allowing to then use a drone to manipulate the GPS Service and do all the walking for you. This can allow a player to stay connected to their home WiFi and yet play the game with no troubles. But much like the computer spoofing, a player must watch out because the Pokemon Company might not be too keen on this one either.

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