Reaching Level 5

Let's face it: Pokemon GO doesn't really begin until a trainer reaches level 5. Sure, a player can capture and train their Pokemon, visit PokeStops and even hatch eggs, but they can't experience the taste of fierce competition, the other main concept of the series, known as battling. This can only be done after Level 5 when a trainer can begin battling Pokemon Gyms, after, of course, choosing what team they would like to join.

Since it is only level 5, it won't take very long for a trainer to reach this mark. A player can reach a maximum of Level 40, but the first five are almost a breeze. Catch a few several Pokemon, hatch a few batches of eggs, visit a number of PokeStops, perhaps even evolve a Pokemon or two, and a player should easily make it to this level.

Once a player has reached level 5, they can choose what team they would like to join by visiting any pokemon gym. From there, a player can battle, train, and defend at any gym they would like.

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