One of the very first thing a young trainer must do in order to succeed with the daunting task of trying to find and capture all 386 Pokemon in the Pokemon GO Augment-Reality (AR) Universe is scout out their local area and find nearby PokeStops. Professor Willow actually advises a player to do this immediately following the capture of their Starter Pokemon, and it's actually a great piece of advice.

PokeStops can be seen in your overworld map, easily being found by the little blue square icon. They are usually popular places or businesses in the real world, such as parks, churches, certain landmarks, or an owned business or two. However, you must be within a given radius to said pokestop, or you won't be able to spin it for free items. Unfortunately, however, this means people in suburban or rural areas are left with the short end of the stick of having to manual purchase items, as there aren't as many pokestops in the country compared to cities and highly populated areas. After the new gym System was incorporated, players could begin finding PokeStops at all known Pokemon Gyms.

Once close enough to a pokestop, the symbol will change into a blue PokeBall and players can use it. After this happens, a player can click on and spin the icon of the given place or business to receive free items. These items are crucial for players in order to survive, especially if they are trying to keep costs at a minimum and not spend any of their real world cash (like everyone wants when first downloading a mobile app or game). And the best part is after about five minutes, a player can spin the dial again and receive even more free stuff!

Players will also receive 50 XP (Experience) for each and every time they spin an unlocked PokeStop, 100 XP if they somehow get more than six items. If you spin a PokeStop you haven't previously used, you will also receive even more XP (but only for that first spin). With the newer Daily Bonus Update, a player can also receive bonuses every day by claiming at least one PokeStop. If a player claims a PokeStop every day, they will earn an extra 500 XP from the first Pokestop they hit, along with many additional items. If they do this for a week in a row, they will receive tons of items from a PokeStop, plus an additional 2,000 XP, on the seventh day of their streak (streaks will reset after this).

Possible items For PokeStops Include:
pokeballs - No Level requirements
Dragon Scale - No Level requirements
Sun Stone - No Level requirements
King's Rock - No Level requirements
Metal Coat - No Level requirements
Up-Grade - No Level requirements
eggs - No Level requirements
Potions - level 5 Requirement
Revives - Level 5 Requirement
Razz Berries - Level 8 Requirement
Nanab Berries - Level 8 Requirement
Pinap Berries - Level 8 Requirement
Super Potions - Level 10 Requirement
Great Balls - Level 12 Requirement
Hyper Potions - Level 15 Requirement
Ultra Balls - Level 20 Requirement
Max Potions - Level 25 Requirement
Max Revives - Level 30 Requirement

With enough PokeStops in your surrounding area, as well as a little patience and persistence, you're certain to never lose. Well, at least not any of your real world money.

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