Pokemon Storage

Yet another feature that persists in Pokemon GO, like just about every other Pokemon Game, is your pokemon storage (called Party in all other Pokemon Games). Here - by clicking on the lower main PokeBall during gameplay - you can access all the information about your Pokemon, from their height and weight to their moves and where you caught them, as well as their current combat power and Base Hit Points.

But unlike previous Pokemon Games, you can carry up to and view a whopping grand total of 250 when you first begin the game, virtually two-thirds the amount of Pokemon within the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation combined. (You can add 50 more slots by purchasing the pokemon storage Upgrade in the Shop, with a Maximum storage of 1000 Pokemon.) You even get to see and hold up to another nine Pokemon eggs, including where they are at in the process of being hatched. It's almost a little too much, especially when most players will continue to choose to transfer multiples of the same Pokemon while training only a very few. But it gives that certain assurance to players that even when you run low on items with a number of Pokemon fainted, the odds of you running out of Pokemon until you can stock up is slim to none with these types of numbers.

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