Pokemon Profiles

After a player captures a Pokemon, they will immediately get to view the Pokemon's Profile, and they can repeat this at any given time after by accessing the Pokemon in their Storage. Unlike previous Pokemon Games, there are a lot of different things going on in a Pokemon's Profile in Pokemon GO. The first, and having no value whatsoever, are a Pokemon's Sizes. These numbers vary from Pokemon to Pokemon, even in the same species of such, playing no actual role in how good the Pokemon is and its overall potential. Leveling up a Pokemon can sometimes make it grow, just like how evolving a Pokemon can do the same (or even make them smaller).

A Pokemon's Base Hit Points are also listed here, along with the moves it currently knows (can be changed with TM items). The more Hit Points a Pokemon has, the longer it can last in a gym Battle; the better moves it has (the second move known as their Special Move), the greater chance it has of defeating other Pokemon in gym battles. Power Up and evolution requirements are also listed in a Pokemon's Profile, letting players know the cost to improving their Pokemon combat power Level (Stardust & Candy).

A trainer can also see the Pokemon's Typing and the location of capture in their given profile. Besides the Typing being listed next to the Pokemon's Sizes, a player can also recognize a Pokemon's Main Type by the background behind the Pokemon. (Players can also see the Pokemon's Fighting Stance by clicking the the Pokemon's Profile Picture). A player can even find the general area where they caught the Pokemon - below their two moves - giving them a bit of a clue on what Pokemon can be found in that given region (if they wanted to catch another Pokemon of that same species).

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