Pokemon GOhto Now Rolling Out

16th Feb 2017 | Warrior13

Less than one day after the news of the Second Generation finally being released into Pokemon GO, the Johto pokedex has now been added and all new Pokemon have already started appearing. From chikorita to tyranitar, all Johto Pokemon outside of Legends are being found across the globe. And PokeFans everywhere are once again going on the hunt for these new Pokemon!

news on the Mechanics on how to evolve many First Generation Pokemon that have Second Generation evolutions has also been clarity. Apparently, Pokemon GO will now incorporate many new evolution items, such as the King's Rock, Dragon Scale and Metal Coat, which can all be found randomly at PokeStops. These items can then be used, along with a given amount of Pokemon Candies, to evolve these given Pokemon. (IE Scyther requires one Metal Coat with 40 Scyther Candy to evolve into Scizor.)

Much like when Pokemon GO was first released, the game is looking like it will explode into reality once again!

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