Pokemon GO Plus

One way a player can further enhance their Pokemon GO Experience is by purchasing a device called the Pokemon GO Plus. Pokemon GO Plus - purchasable online anywhere after September 2016 for $15-30 - is a small device, a wristband of sorts, that lets you continue playing Pokemon GO when you're on the go or not paying attention to your phone. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, notifying you about things happening in your game, including passing PokeStops and Pokemon appearing nearby, using both vibrations and LED Lights to advise you of this.

While using pokemon go plus, the device will begin to flash and vibrate when you're approaching a nearby pokestop. A player can then press the Pokemon GO plus Button to search the PokeStop for any and all items available, swiping or tapping on the found items to add them to their bags.

A player will also be notified when they are near a Pokemon, as a light will appear on the pokemon go plus. When a Pokemon is close, a trainer can press the button on the GO plus to throw a PokeBall. Unfortunately, players can only throw pokeballs using the GO Plus on Pokemon they have already caught in the game beforehand, flashing and vibrating if the Pokemon gets caught. If it's a brand new Pokemon, a player will have to log onto their phones to catch it. And now with the buddy System, Pokemon Go Plus will even track egg & buddy system Distance!

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