Pokemon GO For Apple Watches

A lot like the pokemon go plus, players can also play Pokemon GO on their Apple Smartwatches. First announced back at the Apple Event in Fall of 2016, the Pokemon GO App for Apple Watches works in tandem with the game on iOS (very similar to Pokemon GO Plus). A player can access and activate the app through the Workout Feature on their watches, with a player's Current Trainer Level and EXP Progress being shown. The game tracks your distance via GPS, so apple watch Series 1 or later is necessary in order for everything to work properly. (This also means you won't have to have the game up on your phone at the same time.)

After downloading the app, a player can then walk around, with both their burned calorie count and distanced traveled (for eggs and buddy Pokemon) being shown. When a player ends their "Workout", they will get a summary of everything they have done and collected during their time playing, including any medals you earned along the way. When a Pokemon appears or a pokestop is near, the features for the game on the apple watch will activate almost exactly identical to that on the Pokemon GO Plus.

When a player is near a pokestop, they actually get to spin the PokeStop and see exactly what items they received. This is a little different than on the Plus, where you have to log on your phone afterwards to see what you got. While playing Pokemon GO on Apple Watches, the closest three Pokemon will always appear on a player's radar (much like in the real game with Nearby Pokemon). When you get near the Pokemon, a notification will appear telling you so. Unfortunately, a player must go on their phones to catch it since the software isn't built for catching Pokemon.

And all the while players are tracking down Pokemon and PokeStops, the distance they travel will constantly be kept. This is mainly for Eggs a player might have incubating, as well as the Buddy Pokemon they have set. Unfortunately, much like catching Pokemon on the watch, a player can't see the specific details on any Pokemon that hatch from an egg unless they go on their phones to view it. They will see which Pokemon that hatches, however, just not how good the Pokemon is.

From Smartphones to Smartwatches to the pokemon go plus, niantic is obviously determined to get Pokemon GO on as many platforms as possible in order to expand their clientele.

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