Pokemon GO Finally Introduces Event Exclusive Moves

30th Dec 2017 | Warrior13

On top of brand new Hoenn Pokemon and Discounted items available during the 2017 Holiday Event, it appears that Pokemon GO has finally incorporated Event Exclusive Moves into its gameplay. At the present time, there is only one Event Exclusive Move, and that very move happens to be Present. If you aren't into the Mainstream Pokemon Games, the move Present can only be learned by Delibird. This move can either turn into a HP Healing Move towards the opposing player, or even a damaging attack.

In Pokemon GO, Present is a Fast Attack that does 5 Damage every time it lands, taking 2.1 Seconds to actually do so. On top of delibird also knowing this move in Pokemon GO, Santa pikachu can now learn it as well. However, this is an Event Exclusive Move for Santa Pikachu, and only Santa Pikachu that were caught during the 2017 Holiday Event can know such an attack.

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