Pokemon GO Adventure Week Event Begins

18th May 2017 | Warrior13

Exactly one week after Pokemon GO had its first ever Micro-Event (Bloom Weekend), the very next Event in Pokemon GO is set to begin today. This Event is being called Adventure Week, hoping players will go out in search of both adventures and Pokemon. Rock Type Pokemon, specifically, will be appearing much more often. This includes the likes of geodude, graveler, golem, onix, rhyhorn, rhydon, omanyte, omastar, kabuto, kabutops, aerodactyl, sudowoodo, shuckle, magcargo, corsola, larvitar, pupitar, and tyranitar. (Second and Third Stage evolutions will appear far less often than First Stage Pokemon.)

On top of rock types spawning far more often, it has been said that PokeStops will reward far more items each and every time they are spun. There is no word of whether Evolution Items will have an increased Drop Rate because of this, but with more item being rewarded, the chances obviously increase too. Poke Balls will also cost 50% less in the Shop, and Buddy Pokemon will earn Candy four times faster for the entire week-long event. Players will also get the free Explorer's Hat because of this event.

Obviously, there are many, many perks to this promotional event. The greatest has to be buddy Pokemon earning candies four times quicker, which hasn't been seen in many months in Pokemon GO. Players will obviously be excited for rock types to become more common in the wild, as many players are still missing the likes of aerodactyl, kabutops and omastar in their pokedex. Not to mention, the elusive Larvitar should have a higher chance of spawning too, which just so happens to evolve into the best Non-Legend in Pokemon GO in Tyranitar. More items from PokeStops and the added plus of a free item is also nice to have for an entire week.

But what do you think? Are you excited for Adventure Week? Or did niantic miss the mark in your eyes? Comment below with all of your thoughts!

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