Pokemon GO 2017 Holiday Event Now Live

21st Dec 2017 | Warrior13

The 2017 Holiday Event in Pokemon GO is now live, running from now until January 4th, 2018! During this time, players can once again find Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu with the special Santa Hat. All Ice-Type Pokemon will also have increase Spawn Rates during this given period.

In addition to this, a special items Boxes will be on sale within the Game's Shop, including Super Incubators and the newly added Star Piece (which boosts the Stardust you earn by 50% for thirty minutes of play). From today until Christmas Day, the boxes will also contain Lure Modules. From Christmas Day through the end of the event on January 4th, these boxes will contain Premium Raid Passes. Players will also receive a free Incubator on the first spin they do at a Poke Stop from December 22nd through Decembem 25th.

Finally, another twenty Hoenn Pokemon have been released within the game, including lotad, lombre, ludicolo, carvanha, sharpedo, wailmer, wailord barboach, whiscash, corphish, crawdaunt, feebas, milotic, snorunt, glalie, spheal, Sealeao, walrein, relicanth and luvdisc.

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