Pikachu Starter Pokemon Easter Egg

Choosing pikachu as your starter Pokemon was something most fans never expected for Pokemon GO. In all actuality, almost every last player thought the choice was only between the original Kanto Region Starters since that\\\'s how it appears to be in game and how Professor Willow puts it when you are tasked with catching your Starter Pokemon. But it actually took one wise gamer to have the idea of trying to run away from their choices of Starter Pokemon, and what they discovered has now gone down in the history books.

That\\\'s right! After running away from the starter Pokemon long enough, and after a few times of them reappearing, a trainer will actually have the additional option of selecting and going into battle with the face of the franchise itself, pikachu, as their starter pokemon. This Easter egg is reminiscent of the days of Pokemon Yellow from long ago, and gives trainers another chance to live like Ash Ketchum or the mysterious Trainer Red throughout their journey of Pokemon GO.

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