Pidgeys Are Key In Reaching Level 40

It is no secret: pidgey is one of the most common species of Pokémon in Pokemon GO (even after it was eliminated from eggs Distributions). You almost cannot go outside without seeing one of these guys spawn. And yes, it can get annoying after awhile of these birds popping up everywhere, but do not let that stop you from catching them. It might have only one plus to it, but this is what makes Pidgey one of the most viable Pokemon in the game.

You see, pidgey has a very low cost for evolution, only twelve Pidgey Candy to be exact. This means that you only need to catch and transfer three Pidgeys before you can evolve one (less if you use a few Pinap Berries). And each time you evolve one, you will receive a free 500 XP. That is 1000 XP for each if you save up your Pidgey Candy and evolve loads of them while using a Lucky Egg!

By using this method, a trainer can abuse this tip over and over to gain the maximum experience possible in order to better level up. Now every time you see a Pidgey, do not think of them as an annoying bird that need to fly off, but rather a key concept to your success!

(caterpie & weedle can be used in the same way if they are more common in your given climate and areas!)

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