Microtransactional Purchases

Of course, if you're not wanting to waste both data and battery charge, not to mention a whole lot of time, you can always purchase pokecoins with real world money in the Shop to help speed up the process of Leveling Up. With these purchased PokeCoins, you don't have to walk and wait for some pokestop magic, but instead can buy all the items your heart desires (including ones not found at pokestops). You can buy every single advantage that most have to slowly progress to, catching as many Pokemon you'd like in the process, and quite easily with the items you can buy.

pokecoins Available Purchasing Options:
$0.99 - 100 pokecoins
$4.99 - 550 pokecoins
$9.99 - 1,200 pokecoins
$19.99 - 2,500 pokecoins
$39.99 - 5,200 pokecoins
$99.99 - 14,500 pokecoins

But remember, this is at the players own discretion; it all relies in the hands of the trainer if they are willing to spend on this or not. It isn't necessary to buy pokecoins, as you can also earn them for free by battling and claiming Pokemon Gyms. Yet the more you purchase, the more free, along with additional edge, you get.

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