Mewtwo Coming Soon Worldwide To Pokemon GO

17th Aug 2017 | Warrior13

On top of shiny pikachu being released in Pokemon GO during the most recent real life event in Japan, Mewtwo Raids have also started in that area of the world. Mewtwo is the fifth Legendary Pokemon to be released in Pokemon GO, coming after Lugia and the Legendary Bird Trio. It will be released worldwide starting in September.

Unlike other legendary Pokemon, there will be a number of new mechanics in regards to how Mewtwo Raids will work. Instead of anyone being able to join one, players will be invited to participate in a Mewtwo Raid exclusively, only if they have defeated a Raid Battle at the given Pokemon Gym the Mewtwo Raid is taking place at. Players will also be notified ahead of time, allowing a sufficient number of players to assemble in order to defeat Mewtwo. On top of all of this, player will receive the incredibly high amount of 50 Premier Balls after defeating a Mewtwo Raid, since catching Mewtwo will be very difficult to do.

Get ready Pokemon GO Players! Mewtwo is on its way!

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