The concept of earning medals has been around since Pokemon GO was first released, giving players a small reward as they accomplish some sort of varying achievement during gameplay. Each given metric has certain marks awarded with a Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal, depending solely upon how much a player had progressed in that given aspect of the game. In the beginning, these medals really has no significant value. And actually, many of them still do have nothing but superficial value. However, since then, the developers at Niantic have released a feature into the game that actually makes some of these medals of value.

medals can be accessed by going to a players profile and scrolling down. The first listed are the aforementioned medals that have little to no meaning, outside of earning them for the heck of it or for bragging rights among friends. (Earning some of these Medals will now unlock certain clothing items found in the Shop.) These medals still have a Bronze, Silver and Gold mark to reach, but they have nothing to do with capturing a specific species of Pokemon. Instead, these are general achievements, like how many eggs one has hatched or how far they've walked.

The Achievements medals Include:
Jogger - Walk A Certain Distance (10km-Bronze, 100km-Silver, 1000km-Gold)
Kanto - Register A Kanto Pokemon In pokedex (20-Bronze, 50-Silver, 100-Gold)
Johto - Register A Johto Pokemon In pokedex (5-Bronze, 30-Silver, 70-Gold)
Collector - Capture Pokemon (30-Bronze, 500-Silver, 2000-Gold)
Scientist - evolve Pokemon (3-Bronze, 20-Silver, 200-Gold)
Breeder - Hatch eggs (10-Bronze, 100-Silver, 1000-Gold)
Backpacker - Visit PokeStops (10-Bronze, 100-Silver, 1000-Gold)
Battle Girl - Win gym Battles (10-Bronze, 100-Silver, 1000-Gold)
Fisherman - Catch Large magikarp (3-Bronze, 50-Silver, 300-Gold)
Ace trainer - Train gyms (10-Bronze, 100-Silver, 1000-Gold)
Youngster - Capture Tiny rattata (3-Bronze, 50-Silver, 300-Gold)
pikachu Fan - Capture Pikachu (3-Bronze, 50-Silver, 300-Gold)
unown - Capture Unown (3-Bronze, 10-Silver, 26-Gold)

The second set of medals shown in a player's profile are specific to how many Pokemon of a specific typing a player has caught (10-Bronze, 50-Silver, 200-Gold). When Pokemon GO was first released, these medals, too, had no meaning. But after a not-so-distant update, these medals and the class of such a player has achieved actually gives said player a better chance at catching Pokemon of that specific type. If a player has a Bronze Medal for let's say the Fire Type Medal, the player has a +1 better chance at catching all Fire Types. If said player had a Silver Medal for the same category, the player would have a +2 better chance at catching all Fire Types. And if the player had a Gold Medal, they would have a +3 better chance. This concept works for each Medal and corresponding Pokemon Type.

The Same Type Bonus medals Include:
SchoolKid (normal types)
Blackbelt (fighting types)
Bird Keeper (Flying Types)
Punk Girl (poison types)
Ruin Maniac (ground types)
Hiker (rock types)
Bug Catcher (bug types)
Hex Maniac (ghost types)
Depot Agent (Steel Types)
Kindler (fire types)
Swimmer (water types)
Gardner (grass types)
Rocker (electric types)
Psychic (psychic types)
Skier (ice types)
Dragon trainer (dragon types)
Delinquent (dark types)
Fairy Tale Girl (fairy types)

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