Legendary Pokemon Have Arrived In Pokemon GO

23rd Jul 2017 | Warrior13

After over a year since Pokemon GO first came to be, and after the fallout of the first ever Pokemon GO Fest in real life, niantic has finally started rolling out the legendary Pokemon into the hit mobile game. Each of these legendary pokemon can be found and obtained through the newer Pokemon Raid System, with lugia being the first officially released Legend. articuno has since been released into the game, based on the success of team mystic at the Pokemon GO Fest and the past year as a whole. More Legends are set to follow very, very soon.

legendary Pokemon can be found, battle and captured as Raid Bosses, having the highest Raid Boss combat power Levels in the entire game. legendary pokemon will not only be very difficult to defeat, but also extremely difficult to capture with roughly only ten Premiere Balls that most receive after a Raid. Legends can be used to take down opposing team's Gyms; however, they are forbidden from being placed at Gyms as Defenders.

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