Legendary Pokemon Coming To Pokemon GO This Summer?

17th Apr 2017 | Warrior13

As the Easter Eggstravaganza Event is coming to a close in Pokemon GO, news has begun surface from out of Japan on Legendary Pokemon coming to the hit game. Apparently, an interview took place recently with one of the Pokemon Company Executives, and this individual hinted at a huge update coming this summer, one that would include none other than the Legendary Pokemon.

It was told that many upgrades will happen in Pokemon GO this spring, including the gym Overhaul that niantic's John Hinke has spoken quite frankly about, with a lot of work going into the release of legendary Pokemon (hopefully) in July. Raids were also discussed in said interview, which would be many players attempting to catch the same given Pokemon in the overworld (like Mewtwo in the original Pokemon GO Trailer). Pokemon GO was first released in July of 2016, so it wouldn't be a huge surprise if the one-year anniversary is capped by a special event that includes the longingly-awaited Legendary Pokemon.

With that said, are you excited for legendary Pokemon to be coming to Pokemon GO? How do you thinking catching these Legends will work? Will raids be created, and how exactly will they work? What legendary pokemon do you hope is first to be released?

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