Legendary Bird Moltres Comes To Pokemon GO

2nd Aug 2017 | Warrior13

It has been roughly ten days since the epic failure of Pokemon GO Fest Chicago and the subsequent release of the legendary Pokemon articuno and lugia, and now the Legendary Bird moltres has also been released within the game. Like all other legendary pokemon, Moltres can only be found, battled and caught through Pokemon raid battles. It too is a level 5 Raid Boss, meaning it will take multiple players (anywhere from three to ten players to defeat it).

With moltres coming to the game, the developers have now temporarily removed articuno from the game once more. Moltres can be found as a Raid Boss for the next week or so, being removed and replaced with the next legendary Bird (zapdos) at the time. After Zapdos is a removed a week following it being released within Pokemon GO, it is believed legendary pokemon will finally start having a two-day Raid Countdown and a necessary Legendary Raid Pass in order to battle them.

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