Items Introduced In The 2nd Generation

Like all Pokemon Games, Pokemon GO includes a variety of items a player can use to increase their chances at success. Some of these items are obtained through leveling up, while others can be found simply by visiting PokeStops or purchased in the Shop. Some of them are used during normal gameplay, while yet still others are used during Wild Pokemon Encounters. No matter the case, most of these items are certainly needed to succeed in Pokemon GO. With the 2nd Generation Update and the ensuing Raid Battle System came loads of new items, including Special Evolutionary Items.

items Introduced In The 2nd Generation:
Charge TM (raid battles): Changes A Pokemon's Special Attack
Dragon Scale (PokeStops): Allows Seadra To Evolve
EX Raid Pass (EX Raid Battle Invite): Used To Participate In ex raid battles
Fast TM (raid battles): Changes A Pokemon's Fast Attack
Golden Razz Berry (raid battles): Maximizes gym Motivation / Increases Capture Rate
King's Rock (PokeStops): Allows Slowpoke (Slowking) & Poliwhirl (Politoed) To Evolve
Metal Coat (PokeStops): Allows Scyther & Onix To Evolve
Nanab Berry (PokeStops): Slows Down Pokemon Movement
Pinap Berry (PokeStops): Doubles Candy Earned
Premier Ball (raid battles): Used To Capture Raid Bosses
Premium Raid Pass (Shop): Used To Participate In raid battles
Raid Pass (pokemon gym PokeStops): Used To Participate In Raid Battles
rare Candy (raid battles): Used To Obtain Pokemon Candy
Sun Stone (PokeStops): Allows Gloom (Bellossom) & Sunkern To Evolve
Super Incubator (Event purchase): Hatches eggs 33% Quicker Than Regular Incubators
Up Grade (PokeStops): Allows Porygon To Evolve

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