Items Introduced In The 1st Generation

Like all Pokemon Games, Pokemon GO includes a variety of items a player can use to increase their chances at success. Some of these items are obtained through leveling up, while others can be found simply by visiting PokeStops or purchased in the Shop. Some of them are used during normal gameplay, while yet still others are used during Pokemon Battles. Some of these items even have a Trainer Level Requirement before being able to be obtained. No matter the case, most of these items are certainly needed in order to succeed in Pokemon GO.

items Introduced In The 1st Generation:
bag Upgrade (Shop): Increases Bag Capacity By 50 items
Camera (Start of Game): Used To Take Pokemon Photos During Encounters
Pokemon eggs (PokeStops): Hatches Into Pokemon
Incubator (Shop/Level Up): Hatches eggs
Great Balls (PokeStops/Level Up): Used To Capture Pokemon
Hyper Potion (PokeStops/Level Up): Heals Pokemon HP
incense (Shop/Level Up): Attracts Wild Pokemon
Lucky egg (Shop/Level Up): Doubles Experience Earned
lure module (Shop/Level Up): Attracts Wild Pokemon To PokeStops
Max Potion (PokeStops/Level Up): Completely Heals Pokemon HP
Max Revive (PokeStops/Level Up): Fully Revives Fainted Pokemon
PokeBall (Shop/PokeStops/Level Up): Used To Capture Pokemon
storage Upgrade (Shop): Increases pokemon storage By 50 Pokemon
Potion (PokeStops/Level Up): Heals Pokemon By 20 HP
Razz Berries (PokeStops/Level Up): Increases Wild Pokemon Capture Rate
Revive (PokeStops/Level Up: Revives Fainted Pokemon
Stardust (Pokemon Capture/Pokemon eggs): Used To Power Up Pokemon
Super Potion (PokeStops/Level Up): Heals Pokemon By 50 HP
Ultra Ball (PokeStops/ Level Up): Used To Capture Pokemon

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