How To Succeed Without Purchasing PokeCoins

Purchasing pokecoins can make life so much easier for any Pokemon GO trainer, yet their are millions across the world trying to complete the game on a completely free run. It is much harder to do, of course, but, honestly, one of the objectives of any game or phone application is to try to win without having to spend a cent.

And there are many ways of doing this, especially so in Pokemon GO, and here are a few ways how:

1) Visit PokeStops As Often As You Can. If you are not into purchasing PokeCoins, then you better get ready to visit as many PokeStops as you possibly can. This will really be your only way to collect items, and items are vital in the success of any player in Pokemon GO. With PokeStops, if visited enough, you can get all the PokeBalls, Eggs, and Healing Items that you will ever need.

2) Cash In On Your gym defender Reward. You don not actually have to purchase pokecoins in the game since you actually can make some for yourself. This can be done by leaving one of your Pokemon at one the gyms your team is in control of, and then claiming your defender bonus in the Shop Section of the game. You can gain 1 PokeCoin for every ten minutes your Pokemon are defending a Gym. Since you can now only earn 50 PokeCoins per day with the Defender Bonus, that means you need your Pokemon (whether one or multiple) to hold down Gyms for a combined total of seven hours.You may not be able to rack up that many Coins at once, but they will certainly add up in a hurry. And you can then use them to buy items in the Shop.

3) Level Up Your trainer. Every single time you level up your trainer, you will earn a number of different items for a reward. These items can be any items found in the shop (outside of the bag and storage Upgrades), as well as a number of items that cannot be purchased (Great Balls, Ultra Balls, Razz Berries, etc). This will help you get all the great items, on top of increasing your stockpile of such in your Bag.

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