How To Spend Your PokeCoins

Whether you choose to spend a little money to save some time in Pokemon GO or you decide to take the road less traveled by and earn your pokecoins through the defender Bonus, there are certain wiser transactions a player can make with their PokeCoins in the Shop. (If you do purchase PokeCoins, you actually save more money by buying more upfront.) By making these choices, a player can get the most for their money and reap the reward tenfold.

Here are some smart shopping tips of our own:

Best Buys:
Lure Modules - These suckers help attract Pokemon to PokeStops, a lot like how incenses help attract Pokemon in your given trainer radius. Instead of having to walk around and find Pokemon, however, these little Pocket Monsters come to you. And the best part is you can use these with both Lucky Eggs and Incenses being activated.

Lucky eggs - These babies double the experience your trainer earns during a thirty minute timespan. Again, they are at their best with Incenses and Lure Modules since those items help attract more Pokemon. More Pokemon means more xp, which doubles with Lucky Eggs.

Incenses - They helps attract Pokemon to your given trainer radius, working best when on the go and away from the house. Pokemon GO is all about catching more and more Pokemon; the more Pokemon you catch, the more Candy and XP you\\\'ll gain. But that all starts with finding Pokemon, and incenses help you do that easier.

egg Incubators - The more Incubators you have, the more eggs you can hatch. Even though these ones break after just three uses, they swiftly speed up the process of hatching as many Eggs as you possibly can.

If Needed:
pokeballs - Some may think this is a buying no-no, but if you are seriously in need for some of these guys - especially when you do not live by many PokeStops - you might as well buy some of them. If you do not have any means of catching Pokemon, you will not be successful in Pokemon GO.

bag Upgrade - You are already given the gift of holding up to 350 Items; that is more than you should really need. But with a new Generation means more Pokemon to catch, and you will need as many items as you can to do this.

pokemon storage Upgrade - Again, you are already given more than enough space in Pokemon GO, and that includes your Storage System. But even though you should be transferring as many multiples as you have, things can get a little tight now that newer Generations of Pokemon have been added. This option gives you some added assurance.

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