How To Find Heracross In Pokemon GO: The Tauros/Heracross Line

25th Feb 2017 | Warrior13

As more and more time passes since the 2nd Generation was incorporated into Pokemon GO, the greater the likelihood of two Pokemon in particular being Region-Locked. One of which is Corsola - as we examined here - which only spawns in gap across the globe in what is known as the Corsola Strip. The other, now most certainly confirmed, is Heracross.

When first suspected as a Region-Locked Exclusive, many experts believed that Heracross was only found in Central and South America. (Much like how many deemed Corsola being found in the Tropics.) However, it appears that this information isn't exactly 100% accurate, as many players is southern Florida have reported finding Heracross in their neck of the woods. So what does this mean? Does this prove Heracross is actually not exclusive to any particular location in the world? Well... actually... Heracross is still Region-Locked... But much like how Corsola is found in a given range of Latitude, so the same, for the most part, where Heracross is concerned.

After Pokemon GO was first released, it was discovered that the North American Region-Locked Pokemon of tauros only spawned above the Latitude 29 Line. Players living in southern Florida and the most southern tip of Texas couldn't find Tauros at first, but after heading north and crossing the 29 Latitude Line, they found plenty of Tauros. And so this was called the Tauros Line by many expert players. But now, however, it seems like this geographical line is now the divide between Tauros and Heracross, being called none other than the Tauros/Heracross Line now.

As you can see from the picture above, tauros will spawn anywhere in North America above the 29 Latitude Mark, while heracross will spawn anywhere below said point. This means that even though Heracross is technically exclusive to Central and South America, players living in the southern portion of Florida and the far southern area of Texas can still find Heracross.

If you live anywhere else in North America, sadly, you will not be able to find Heracross without taking a trip to South Beach or out of the country. That, or you'll have to wait with the rest of us in hopes of the ability to trade will one day come.

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