How To Farm XP

If you are looking to gain as much xp as humanly possible to level your trainer up in Pokemon GO, then follow these helpful tips:

1) Lucky eggs Are A Must. They double all experience you gain in a thirty minute timespan, which can see your trainer ascend the rankings pretty darn fast. Whether you purchase or obtain PokeCoins on your own, you should always think about buying Lucky Eggs. Also, try to hold off evolving as many of your Pokemon as you can, as well as Hatching Eggs, Battling Gyms and Raids, and using both Incenses and Lure Modules until you have a Lucky Egg going so you can double the experience you gain.

2) Hatch As Many eggs As You Can... Then Hatch Some More! These suckers hold a ton of experience for each hatch - depending on how many kilometers you had to walk to do so - and they can help your trainer gain loads of xp. Also, if you know your eggs are about to hatch, you can even use a Lucky egg to double those experience points too!

3) Catch Pokemon. Simple enough, right? The more Pokemon you catch, the more experience you will gain. You even gain additional points for the way you throw your PokeBalls and if the Pokemon is a new registration to your Pokedex!

4) Defeat gyms & raid battles Thse can gain you more experience than most things in Pokemon GO, depending just how good you do at defeating them. The more Pokemon you defeat at both Gyms and Raid Battles, the more xp your trainer will earn. Also, did we mention the Lucky eggs work on these too? So awesome.

5) Visit Plenty Of PokeStops. They don\\\'t give you much experience, but those smaller increments definitely add up if you visit enough of them. Plus, you gain double XP should you visit a pokestop you previously had not been to.

6) evolve Pokemon, ESPECIALLY Those Pokemon Needing Only 12 Pokemon Candies To Do So. Every time you evolve a Pokemon, you will gain 500 xp, which can easily be doubled to a 1000 XP if using a Lucky egg. This can easily be abused on Pidgeys, Caterpies, Weedles, and Whismur, all common Pokemon that only need the small amount of 12 Candies in order to Evolve. Get ready for some easy leveling up.

7) Stick To The daily bonuses The first pokestop you visit and first Pokemon you catch each day will award you with a daily bonus, giving your all the more XP. Should you do this for seven days in a row, you will earn a streak bonus that will see you gain TONS of XP.

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