How To Catch High Leveled Pokemon

The first thing one must do in order to catch one of the rarer, High Leveled Pokemon in GO is to continue to Level Up their Trainer. You cannot find rare Pokemon unless your trainer is at a higher level, and if you cannot find any of them, then you cannot catch any of them either. But after finding an uncommon, higher leveled Pokemon, you will quickly notice that regular pokeballs will not be enough to catch them.

Instead, try using both Razz Berries and Gold Razz Berries, as well as better pokeballs like Great Balls and Ultra Balls, on these given Pokemon, saving your regular PokeBalls for the lower leveled Pokemon. Razz Berries and Golden Razz Berries help make Pokemon easier to catch on the next throw, while Great Balls and Ultra Balls have a higher catch rate than regular PokeBalls, especially for these better Pokemon. It is also true that Pokemon are easier to catch when you let the colored rings around them get as small as humanly possible before throwing your PokeBall, as well as by throwing curveballs at said Pokemon. By using these small techniques on more difficult Pokemon, you will be able to better manage all of your items for the long run, not to mention catch many of these incredible monsters.

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