Gym Turnover Pokemon

With the most recent update to the gym System found in Pokemon GO, players have begun using specific Pokemon at a Gym, ones that they hope will last just long enough at a Gym for them to obtain the maximum daily value of 50 pokecoins (7 Hours). These Pokemon have been dubbed as gym turnover pokemon, since you should be having your Pokemon returned to you (hopefully) almost as quickly as you place them at a Gym. The best Gym turnover Pokemon are usually offensive Pokemon that have a number of Weaknesses, especially various x1.96 Weaknesses, such as Golem, Gyarados, and Rhydon. The goal is to try to bait and entice other trainers enough to battle and defeat the Gym with these specific Pokemon, but ones that are yet still strong enough to last the seven hours or so.

It's worth noting that Low combat power Pokemon have also found a niche as gym turnover Pokemon. If there is one last open spot at a Gym of your team's Control, always consider placing a Lower CP Pokemon that isn't of much use and value to you. Because it will take at least three attempts to defeat your little Pokemon and it will be the last Pokemon to be fought each time, these guys (typically pidgey, rattata, sentret and eevee, among others) just might last long enough to net you those sweet 50 pokecoins.

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