Gym Overhaul Coming Soon To Pokemon GO?

17th Apr 2017 | Warrior13

As more and more events continue to happen in Pokemon GO, the developers at niantic are constantly at work trying to better improve the gameplay to keep players coming back for more. It was recently released that Niantic hopes to do quarterly updates to the game to keep things interesting, and the next one is looking to be not so far away.

In a recent interview in Japan, one of the executives at the Pokemon Company stated that there will be a huge update coming to Pokemon GO before the spring season ends. John Hinke, the head of Niantic, also stated in an interview that the number one change coming to Pokemon GO pertains to the Gym System. To put it lightly, Hinke explained that the current Gym System is nowhere near what the developers want for the long run of the smash mobile game. This primarily is due to hackers spoofing incredible Pokemon and using them to capture more gyms than the usual player can, ruining the game (at least where Gyms are concerned) for numerous players across the globe. And with that said, it's safe to say that this "huge spring update" will be a massive overhaul to the Gym System.

Many players are hoping that with this update the creation of Player-versus-Player battling is incorporated, while others are hoping for random AI Trainers to be placed at Gyms so they can battle for PokeCoins (much like the Mainstream Pokemon Games). No one knows exactly what type of system will replace the one currently in place, but one's thing for certain at this point: a Gym Overhaul is coming, and it's coming soon!

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