Pokemon GO is one of the latest Pokemon Games to be released for fans across the world to play - technically the final game of the Sixth Generation, and one of the first Pokemon Games to officially be released for mobile phones - and it continues to take the world over by storm with millions of fans playing all across the globe.

The game was created and developed by niantic Labs and launched worldwide in July 2016, with the 2nd Generation being added in Early 2017 and the 3rd Generation coming in Late 2017, available for free download for all iOS and Android users (through The App Store or Google Play). Like most downloadable games and apps for mobile phones, Pokemon GO also includes a number of available purchase options.

Pokemon GO is an augmented-reality based game, meaning a view of the physical, real-world environment is augmented (aka supplemented) by elements of both sound and graphics by computer generated sensory. In layman's terms, Pokemon GO is the very first Pokemon Game to mix both real world aspects with elements from the graphical, fantasy world of Pokemon.

The game uses this technology by incorporating real world maps in its concept, where certain Pokemon live in different geographical areas: Water Pokemon live near real world lakes and rivers, Rock and Ground Type Pokemon live in rocky and desert environments, and so on. (But no type of Pokemon is limited to any one given area; any Pokemon can spawn in any location at any given time.) Newly added real world weather effects also influence when and where a Pokemon will spawn!

Players can then capture, battle, and train these virtual Pokemon that are taking over our real world. Players can even buy a device called the pokemon go plus that notifies them when they are near a certain Pokemon in the real world, making finding Pokemon less of a hassle, especially when you don't have a phone or data coverage available to you. Pokemon GO is also compatible on Apple Watches.

In this guide, we will examine every single component apart of Pokemon GO. We will describe all the characters and Pokemon found within, including all the supporting characters and the newer pokemon gym System. We will also provide an in-depth look at all the stages, areas and medals that can be played in and obtained, as well as include a number of the best hints and tips to help you become a Pokemon Master. We will even go over and explain all the new Johto and Hoenn Pokemon that were added to Pokemon GO just this past year, as well as the new items and forms of Evolution that have come with these newest generations.

There will be a lot of information being put into this Walkthrough Guide for years to come, so definitely make sure to subscribe to get all the up-to-date information as it comes in. And don't forget to comment below with all of your thoughts and questions too! The 6th and 7th generations of Pokemon have come to a close, yet we continue to try to master this new and fascinating concept of Pokemon! This! Is! Pokemon GO!

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