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Have you ever noticed that sometimes a Wild Pokemon you are trying to catch turns into a ball of smoke, runs away and flees from the battle as a whole? This can be one of the most frustrating aspects of Pokemon GO, especially if it was for such a great and rare Pokemon. And many trainers are left wondering what they did wrong and why this happened, without any answer in the moment.

The truth is, a Pokemon in Pokemon GO can run away from the battle for a number of reasons:

1) A player has traveled too far away from the original spot of battle, causing the Pokemon to flee. This is especially true for people that think driving is a good idea while playing Pokemon GO, at least outside of slower residential areas. But once you reach a certain distance away from the Pokemon, like how it is with both PokeStops and Pokemon Gyms, the game with automatically sense the speed at which you are traveling and the distance made form the Pokemon encounter. It will then give you one last chance at throwing a Pokemon - though a player won't know it - and then it will kick out a signal that sends the Pokemon packing.

2) The Pokemon is beyond what your Pokemon Trainer Experience Level can handle. Odds are when you're just starting out in your game, probably before even Level 5, a freak occurrence will happen and you will run into a much higher-leveled, rarer Pokemon (orange or red rings when holding PokeBall in encounter). Usually this Pokemon will be way out of your league, and it will disappear as quickly as it popped.

It can be frustrating when it does this because the truth is you don't know if you'll ever find that Pokemon again in the wild, but it does add to the real and authentic vibe of the game. Many Pokemon, primarily Legends, will flee from battle in the Mainstream Games because they think they are too good for the likes of your trainer, and you have to imagine that if you did live in the World of Pokemon that many would leave battle the same way in order not to ever be captured.

3) Abra is notorious for fleeing battles. Much like how Abra once loved to frustrate players by teleporting in the Red & Blue if not caught on the first turn, so the same in Pokemon GO. Better make that one throw count.

4) The Pokemon's Timer Is Up. Almost every Pokemon Spawn in Pokemon GO is based on a timer from anywhere between 0-15 Minutes to stay in that given area. If this time runs out during battle, it might just take the Pokemon with it.

5) All Pokemon Have Flee Rates. Yes, every Pokemon is meant to flee from battle at some point, each having a percent with their given species. The higher this percentage, the higher the possibility of the Pokemon leaving the battle.

Even with the number of factors that go into a Pokemon fleeing, however, a player can help this stop from happening in a couple of ways:

1) Gain more experience in order to level-up your trainer. The higher you trainer's level, the more rarer Pokemon you'll find, in addition to better items being found and received.

2) Use Berries on those higher-leveled Pokemon. This will allow them to become easier to catch with the next throw, giving you a realistic chance to catch them before fleeing.

3) Stay in the general area where you spotted the Pokemon. This can be especially hard to do if you're in a car, but the Pokemon might flee if you get too far away.

4) Make your throws count - with a little luck - when you yet don't have Berries and only regular Pokeballs. Make sure your aim is good so every PokeBall lands on the Wild Pokemon. This, plus a little luck, might just see you catch it somehow when you are still at a lower Trainer Level.

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