First 10 Things To Do In Pokemon GO

1st Aug 2016 | Warrior13

Pokemon GO continues -- at the time of writing of this article -- to be released around the world in more countries. Most of the trainers that had early access to the game are already, in their own sense, Pokemon Masters; however, there are still so many people just gaining access or downloading the game for the first time. If you fall under this category, you’re not alone. But we’re here to help you start your journey, and that’s why we’ve compiled this list of ten things to do first in Pokemon GO.

The items listed in this article have no specific rating and are in no specific order; all are important first steps into becoming a successful trainer in this once in a lifetime game. If you follow these simple steps, you’ll be on your way to an incredible journey, one full of both adventure and achievement.

We usually like to list the aspects that didn’t make our list of ten, but this, we think we’ve got you covered in just about every area. If you think we missed something or you yourself have something to add, or perhaps you would just like to leave your thoughts about this article, you can do so at any given time in the comment section provided below each and every page.

With that being said, there is really no need to further delay diving right on in. So let’s do just that!

Find Nearby PokeSpots

One of the wisest decisions a player playing Pokemon GO can do, really immediately after catching their starter Pokemon as professor willow advises, is to find and visit nearby PokeSpots. PokeStops are specific locations that players can visit in order to collect free items. These places are usually a monument, a statue, a park, a church, a mural or a given business or two, predetermined by Niantic (Developers of Pokemon GO) with the help of Google Maps.

These spots are essentially a PokeMart of Pokemon GO, but one full of free items for the taking. A player can obtain up to six items (or more) from these given locations at any one time, and they can do this about every five minutes for one PokeSpot after the recharge timer ends. Trainers can even leave what is called a Lure Module on a PokeSpots, an item that attracts Pokemon to the PokeSpot for all trainers to enjoy.

To put it frank: PokeSpots are the true life source for any trainer in Pokemon GO. Without having and visiting these areas, a player will surely run out of items. Not having any items is detrimental to the success of any player, so make sure to stock up on items by visiting plenty of PokeSpots, especially ones located right in your backyard.

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