Fire Type Pokemon Locations

Fire Type Pokemon Locations

fire types In Pokemon GO:
charmander, charmeleon, charizard, vulpix, ninetales, growlithe, arcanine, ponyta, rapidash, magmar, flareon, cyndaquil, quilava, typhlosion, slugma, magcargo, houndour, houndoom, magby, torchic, combusken, blaziken, numel, camerupt, torkoal (Region Exclusive)

Confirmed Locations For fire types:
Arid Climate, Warm Climate, Beaches, Cities, Farm Lands, Neighborhoods, Residential Areas, Parks

weather Boost For fire types:
Sunny / Clear weather

Best Places To Find fire types:
Farm Lands - Have the highest Fire Type spawn Rate among all other places.
Cities - Have a higher chance of fire types appearing compared to usual.
Residential Areas - Also have a higher chance of Fire Type spawns.
Beaches - Not a surpirse at all, but fire types love to chill in the sun.

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