Feebas Evolution Method

In Pokemon GO, most evolutions are pretty simple to execute. More often than not, all you need to do is earn the appropriate amount of Candy and then evolve that given Pokemon. Sometimes you have get lucky and obtain a certain Evolutionary Item from a PokeStop, which does definitely add to the difficulty, but the process is still rather simple. Within the 3rd Generation, however, there is Pokemon known as Feebas.

Unlike other evolutions, the process of actually evolving feebas into milotic can be rather arduous (and a mystery to some). In order to evolve Feebas in Pokemon GO, not only must you collect a whopping 100 Feebas, but you must also walk with the Feebas you are looking to evolve as your buddy Pokemon for at least 20 kilometers. Only then can you evolve Feebas into the so-called most beautiful Pokemon there is, Milotic.

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