Evolve First, Power Up Second

Another trick a player should use when playing Pokemon GO is finding the perfect time when they should level up or evolve their Pokemon. It is a decision all players will make a number of times throughout their journey, but this way ensures the best possible results. It is relatively simple to remember, needing to evolve a Pokemon whenever you can (unless you have already found that Pokemon) and waiting to level it up until after the Pokemon is in its Final Stage of Evolution.

By doing this, a player will save the maximum number of Pokemon Candy and Stardust until after the Pokemon is fully evolved. There is no need wasting Candy to power up Pre-Evolved Pokemon, as it will hurt your chances, at the very least delay, evolving said Pokemon. Once a Pokemon is in its Final Evolution Stage, a player should then begin to power up their Pokemon since they can now devote the majority of Stardust and Candy in that given Pokemon (and many more that are Fully Evolved).

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